The Millennials Are Coming.

Why stop a bad idea from getting even worse? The McSelfie

Why stop a bad idea from getting even worse? The McSelfie

In fact, the Millennials are already here. You hear a great deal in the media about the generation born between 1982-2002. Generations get names for a reason. And the more people in a generation, the more change they bring relative to the generations that succeeded them. The baby boomers had a nice run as the largest (and therefore the most influential) generation in US history. It’s over. And many (maybe most) boomers are not pleased with their replacements.

Millennials are the most change adaptive, “open source”, creative people you’ll face as competitors in the next 20 years. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are either lazy or unproductive. One of the least obvious, yet most critical factors in the friction between people over 50 and the Millennial generation is that the Millennials think very differently. Not only that - they work differently. They are much less likely to subscribe to things like “the customer is always right.” As you know, he isn’t. And in the not too distant future that sort of customer service will be a thing of the past. You notice there are no more elevator operators. Walmart even got rid of the Boomer greeters.

Things change. They’re changing so much faster now that you may mistake change for something else. It’s not. You may have already figured some of this out, yet missed the significance it has to your business Did you know more people under 25 are operating successful small business than ever before. And if you did know - have you figured out what that means for your business?

There are adolescents making more money than you with Youtube channels and Twitter feeds. This is not a fad. This is change you pay attention to. Don’t have one of your Millennial employees nursing your Instagram feed? You may not even understand why that’s a mistake.

The advice from this side of the divide - from a 62 year old Boomer - is that you keep an eye on that crazy kid in the stock room. You think he’s wasting time on Facebook; he’s actually reading something about his job that might make you money.

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